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Welcome to KeyForGamers, a place where you find savings, and never receive fake promises regarding game prices! We are a site that enables you to compare the costs of video games for a variety of devices including PC, Xbox One, PS4, and Nintendo Switch. With our search and filtering of goods, you can find the best prices on the most popular video games to run on such platforms as Steam, Origin, Blizzard, Uplay too. Besides, KeyForGamers is more than happy to share with you the prices for software, including Adobe and Microsoft products, as well as antivirus solutions.

How does it work with us?
You only need to search for the product you want, and we will show you which one has the lowest price (a real cheap price without any rigging). Finally, you can select your favorite shop and get cheap PC game keys from them. Your online time with our website will be smooth and comfortable because we ensured to work on the navigations the way you won’t have your head puzzled.

Look, KeyForGamers is a platform that approaches the selection of retailers super thoroughly so that you can rely on us, and share our services with your friends. All stores are first researched on their relevance, affordability, and just legitimacy prior to sharing their offers with our users. You will access secure payment ways only. To help you save your time on the selection of the video game, you can also find the Price Comparison with several stores under each offered product. Moreover, if the price is changed, you will be updated on that.

Please, note! KeyForGamers does not sell anything directly. We are a team of dedicated specialists who refer users to reliable stores only where they can purchase the games or related goods. Besides, if you come across any issues with such purchases, we can assist in resolving them all.

Finally, we understand that some of you are fans of discounts! Explore our regularly updated list of the newest coupons and discount offers. If you want to save money while still having fun, check out our extensive collection of free games. You may also keep up with new game releases and look for enticing presale deals, where you might get the greatest PC games but super cheap.

If you already know the game you want to buy, KeyForGamers recommends visiting our coupon code page. If you have any other inquiries, we are looking forward to addressing them 24/7.

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Our affiliate program gives you the opportunity to get products for free! Complete tasks and get coins that you can spend to participate in the drawing.