Term of use

1. These Regulations define the rules of using the Keyforgamers website by Users and the conditions of services by ADS ONLINE SERVICE LLC to Users on Keyforgamers.

2. ADS ONLINE SERVICE LLC reserves the right to define the detailed rules and scope of the provision of individual services in separate regulations.

3. The technical condition for using the Keyforgamers website is to have a computer with Internet access and an installed web browser. In order to use some of the services, it is necessary to have an e-mail account. The use of the Keyforgamers website is possible only through a web browser.

4. In order to take advantage of the full functionality of some of the services available on Keyforgamers, it is necessary to enable the SSL secure data transmission protocol, Java Script, Java, Flash and cookies in the User's web browser.

5. The Terms of Use are made available continuously on the Keyforgamers website in a way that allows Users to obtain, reproduce and record its content by printing or saving on a carrier at any time.
Keyforgamers – run by ADS ONLINE SERVICE LLC at the Internet address https://keyforgamers.com/, a website for the presentation, promotion and advertising of digital products offered by online stores.

ADS ONLINE SERVICE LLC – business activity based in 8th Clover business center, clovey Bay Tower Business bay, which the User may contact at support@keyforgamers.com

Account – a fully activated account run for the User by Keyforgamers, which is a collection of resources in which the User's data and information about his activities within Keyforgamers are collected.

Terms of Use – these regulations.

Merchant – an entrepreneur running the Online Store and presenting the Goods as part of the Merchant's Offer, cooperating with ADS ONLINE SERVICE LLC on the basis of a cooperation agreement under Keyforgamers or a contract for the use of services offered under Keyforgamers.

Merchant's Offer – goods or services offered by the Merchant, presented in Keyforgamers and offered for sale only in the Merchant's Online Store.

Goods – a product or service presented on Keyforgamers and offered by Online Stores and as part of the Merchant's Offer.

Agreement – an agreement for the provision of services on Keyforgamers concluded for an indefinite period between the User and ADS ONLINE SERVICE LLC in the manner specified in the Terms of Use, the subject of which is the provision of services in the scope and under the conditions set out in the Terms of Use or separate regulations of individual services.

User – Internet user using Keyforgamers, including Registered User.

Registered User – Internet user using Keyforgamers, who is registered on Keyforgamers, in accordance with the provisions of point 4 of these Terms of Use.
Users' use of Keyforgamers is free of charge. ADS ONLINE SERVICE LLC is not a seller or a party to transactions made by Users in Online Stores and as part of the Merchant's Offer. ADS ONLINE SERVICE LLC only informs about the Goods on Keyforgamers. As part of the Keyforgamers Website, the User is able to: a) obtaining information about the Goods offered by Merchants, b) comparison of the prices of Goods offered by Merchants, c) issuing, including posting, opinions or reviews regarding the Goods, Online Stores and Merchants' Offers or the course of transactions in the Online Store on the website dedicated to the Merchant on Keyforgamers, including by completing the questionnaire sent by ADS ONLINE SERVICE LLC in connection with the transaction concluded with the Merchant, in which the User takes or participated, d) read the opinions posted by Users about the Goods, Online Stores or the Merchant's Offer, e) go to the websites of Online Shops whose offer of Goods is presented on Keyforgamers, or to the website dedicated to the Merchant on Keyforgamers, f) using the Services, including: notification of a change in the price of the Goods in the Online Store or in the Merchant's Offer; notifications about new comments and opinions presented within Keyforgamers; receiving the newsletter and notifying about new offers of Online Stores; taking part in promotions organized on Keyforgamers; Data on the Goods placed on Keyforgamers come from Online Stores. ADS ONLINE SERVICE LLC makes every effort to ensure that the information presented on Keyforgamers is placed by Online Shops in accordance with the current facts. In case of any doubts as to the validity of the offer or other issues related to the transaction, description, price, availability of the Goods, the User should contact the Online Store from which the offer comes. The transaction between the User and the Merchant takes place on the terms specified by the Merchant in its regulations and by generally applicable law. ADS ONLINE SERVICE LLC is not responsible for the delivery of the Goods and the course of the transaction. ADS ONLINE SERVICE LLC is not responsible for: a) the delivery of the Goods in connection with the order placed in the Online Store by the User, b) the warranty, guarantee and consumer rights related to the Goods and the sale transaction, c) non-performance or improper performance of the obligation by the Merchant, d) for the quality, safety, legality of the Goods, as well as the truthfulness and reliability of their descriptions by Merchants. In the event of unavailability of the Goods or other obstacles on the Merchant's side, the Merchant will contact the Buyer individually. In the event of a discrepancy between the description of the Goods posted by both ADS ONLINE SERVICE LLC on the Keyforgamers website and by the Online Store on its website, the description of the Goods from the Online Store is binding for the User and the Online Store. Proprietary copyrights to elements of the Keyforgamers website, including logos and content posted on Keyforgamers, as well as to the layout and composition of these elements (the so-called layout) and industrial property rights, including protection rights to trademarks placed on Keyforgamers, are entitled to ADS ONLINE SERVICE LLC or third parties. It is forbidden to access the Website and its content in an automated manner. In particular, it is forbidden to use bots, indexing robots and other automated tools enabling the use without the User's interference. Automated access is allowed only with a written consent by ADS ONLINE SERVICE LLC. The user is not authorized to copy, distribute, reproduce or modify any content, including data placed on Keyforgamers. The User may at any time opt out of receiving notifications or the newsletter available as part of the Services on the Keyforgamers website by sending an appropriate statement to ADS ONLINE SERVICE LLC using the tools available on Keyforgamers. The user declares that all content, including photos posted by him on Keyforgamers, does not violate applicable law or the rights of third parties (including in particular copyrights and other intellectual property rights). At the same time, the user undertakes not to post any content that, when exposed to the public, may be considered as violating good manners. By placing a photo or an avatar on Keyforgamers, the User allows ADS ONLINE SERVICE LLC to use the photo or avatar free of charge and to publish, copy and modify them by ADS ONLINE SERVICE LLC for the purposes of providing Services on the Website, as well as to block the publication or removing the photo or avatar in case of breaking the provisions of the Regulations, in particular the point above. With the consent of the User, the photo or avatar will be used by ADS ONLINE SERVICE LLC for marketing or promotional purposes.